Adventures in Paradice

While this post is being done on Friday it is really about Wednesday.
The Internet has been very sporadic so these posts have been delayed a bit. On Tuesday we needed to go to the bank to change money out (strange how some people don’t take US dollars ). The front desk told us that the bank was in SomoSomo Village 40km away. They recommended that we take a taxi, but we opted to ride mountain bikes instead. That turned out to be a great decision.

We got to really see the country side as well as talk will the various people along the way. We definitely recommend it if you are ever here. On Wednesday, we took a fantastic ride up to a waterfall. We had to hike in a little ways but it wasn’t bad. That spider in the picture was right over our heads. The waterfall was magical. We climbed up behind the falls and jumped into the water from about 15 feet up. After that we hiked back and we drove to a black sand beach for a little while. Every day is filled will so many adventures and we are quite tired at the end them.