High Winds and Deserted Islands

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Keep in mind that I am now posting from back in the states a couple weeks after our trip so I will probably update this after conferring with Shiloh.

In the morning we planned on going for a walk but when we had gotten down to the beach we met another couple that was taking out the kayaks. I forget their names (one of those things I will have to confer with Shiloh about) but we all had a great time out there and rowed a good distance up the beach. The tide was on the way out so it was a good fight to get back into shore and the waves moved fairly good (but not enough to tip us over). The coral looked beautiful even from in the kayak. The next post will have photos from our snorkeling trip using the underwater camera, so you will see what I mean.

After lunch, we made our way to Honeymoon Island by boat. Honeymoon Island is a very small island a ways down the coast and out from shore. It had a small hut to sit at, a bathroom hut, and thats about it. This is the only time the whole week that the weather was less than hospitable. The wind made the waves rather choppy but that actually was the best part of the trip out to the island.

Once there, the wind made it unbearable to stand and was even unpleasant laying down. We did see lots of hermit crabs and other various crabs on the rocks as well as a great coral snake. It wasn’t long before we had had enough of being stranded on a tiny island being blown around by the wind. We radioed in to Maravu and Nei promptly came back with the boat and we had another enjoyable ride across the bumpy waves back to the shore.

That night they had a underground BBQ as well as a local group come to perform some traditional dances. The boys danced with a lot of enthusiasm and the girls were very graceful. I have a short video I will share later (not a very good quality since it was taken with the still camera). They even got us all up to dance at one point. This was yet another full, fun packed day and we were quite tired by the end of it.