Fun in the Snow

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When I went to the snow it was fun and exciting. My friend and I made a fort out of white, feathery snow. There were sparkly icicles on the trees, and one was long and thick but the rest were small and thin. My friend Sarah and I were playing a game about cats. My dad and I sledded down the hill once. The hill was stupid. I hated it! I like playing online casino in canada in the snow instead of going down the hills, but sometimes hills can be fun. When we got too frozen and stiff to play anymore, we went for pizza!! Up in the mountain there was a great pizza place called The Pizza Factory. After pizza we drove home. We went past Lake Isabella and through the Kern Canyon. There was no snow but there were lots of curves. I felt really car sick and I got an earache. when we got home we played Mario Party 8. Then we watched some of Tim Hawkins. We took Sarah home about 7:00pm. I hope we can go to the snow again.