Finally Finished Just Beginning

The last test has been completed and all the paperwork is in. In a few weeks I will finally be working as a paramedic. It has been a challenging road, but I look forward to the new challenges that await me every day. When I was younger I never even imagined that I would find the medical field so interesting. From the chance to help people in their most desperate moments, to the problem solving and quick thinking, each day offers a unique challenge.

I want to thank my wife and daughter for the love and support during my education and training. without them I would have failed for sure.

In a related note I though I would post this advertisement for Bakersfield Memorial Hospital that I was in (if only for a second). I didn’t actually know I was going to be in an advertisement when I showed up for work that day.

UPDATE: 1 week as a paramedic and I’m on the news