Project #2: Atari Punk Console

So my second electronics endeavor had to be a bit more ambitious then the first. While my fume extractor is cool and all, it is really just a reversed fan. This project jumped out at me the other day as a fun project.


I was at radio shack for something else when I realized I could obtain all the items necessary for the Atari Punk Console. This simple synth utilizes two timing chips to create cool retro sounds. I decided to go with the schematic I found at Jameco since it looked the easiest to make. The staff at The Shack were no help at all, but eventually I found all the parts.

During this project I learned a couple of things about electronics in general.

  • You must pay attention to details.
  • Plan your layout ahead of time.
  • No matter what the instructions say, the circuit schematic is the only truth.

I made a mess of the board because I followed the directions without referencing the schematic. I was very happy to know that even with my awful miswiring, the device worked perfectly after I desoldered and then put it back together following the schematic.

Simon love the sounds it makes and gave the APC a good workout.

If you are interested in making this project yourself, let me know and I’ll give you some pointers that will make it easier.