Race to the Center of the Earth


  • Object of the game is to clear tiles from the stacks to reach the lowest point.

Description of the board:

  • The Board is a grid of tiles that are face down with the exception of the top most tile. These stacks are made randomly. Each time a tile is “mined” the next tile is then turned face up.
  • Tiles represent different material you are mining.
  • Two different tile types (surface and subterranean)
      • Surface tiles mostly easy to mine by hand
      • Subterranean tiles mostly need pickaxe or dynamite, also chance of monster attack if no torch.
  • Ridge along outside for Tree tiles
  • Board size large enough to have space to move without having to be near other players. Isolation limits resource though.


  • Some tiles can not be mined by hand and require tools
  • Tools are build using materials mined.
  • Tools have limited use and so must be used sparingly
  • You can also make weapons to attack opponents/monster
  • some tools can be used to attack opponents indirectly (dynamite pushed players away from source)
    • Other tools:

        • Ladder: climb up and down large elevations (normally players can only move up or downs a few elevations at a time).
        • Torch: avoids chance of monster in lower levels.

Tile Types:

  • Surface Resources:

    • Dirt (no crafting purpose; can be used to fill in hole or raise player’s elevation)
    • Stone ( requires more actions to mine by hand; basic tool resource; can make pickaxe and sword but they don’t last long)
    • Coal (makes torches)
    • Water (can not be mined without a bucket)
    • Trees (only appear on ridge and slowly replenish)
  • Subterranean Resources:

    • Stone (replaces dirt in frequency)
    • Coal (less common)
    • Iron (requires tools to mine; can make stronger tools)
    • Diamond (rare; possibly worth points; also makes best tools)
    • Lava (rare; kills player unless he has bucket with water; can not mine under until bucket/water; becomes stone)


  • Pickaxe (stone, iron, diamond + wood)
  • Sword (stone, iron, diamond x2 + wood)
  • Ladder (Wood x 2)
  • Torch (wood + coal)
  • Dynamite ( torch + ???; kill players and destroys tiles around and under it)
  • Bucket (iron x 2)


  • Roll dice in subterranean for chance of monster if no torch
    • Monster can also just be killed with sword
  • roll dice to determine how many actions you take on turn (three 1’s, two 2’s, one 3)
  • Resting one turn increases the number of dice you roll