A broken iPhone screen

Mobile Repair

When my wife’s iPhone fell and the display was cracked I had a choice: pay full price to replace the whole phone, or replace the display. Being handy with the soldering iron, instead of finding a repair shop, I learn to repair phones myself. In the process I acquired the skills necessary to tackle almost mobile device repair. If you have a phone hat you would rather fix than send to the circular graveyard then please contact me and I will give you a quote based on the cost of parts. I will drive to anywhere in the Bakersfield area for free and do the repair at your house or place of business while you wait. If you are outside of that area I there may be a small fee for transportation.

The following is a list of prices for some common repairs. The price is for a single repair. If you need several parts changed at once then additional repairs can be done for at cost for parts. We already have your phone open so there is no extra labor.

iPhone 4/4S Screen Replacement $70
Battery Replacement $30

iPhone 5 Screen Replacement $150
Battery Replacement $30

iPhone 4, 4S, 5 display replacement

  • Dropped your phone? Tired of catching you finger on the broken glass? I will replace your display with a high quality OEM display and bring your iDevice back to its former glory.

iPhone 4, 4S, 5 Battery replacement

  • Is your phone not lasting as long as it use to? Replacing the battery is a simple procedure that can be performed in 10 – 20 minutes and will give you back the performance you enjoyed when your phone was new.

Other iPhone parts

  • Perhaps your power button or home button is malfunction, or has your camera lens been scratched. Let me know what the issues is and I will give you a quick quote on the repair. I source parts from multiple places in order to find the best price for the parts. Remember to bundle your repairs together to save on labor costs. If we already have your phone under the knife there is no extra charge to replace other parts.